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Maybe you are wondering what to do in Costa Rica on your vacation. Lucky for you there are so many options that might have to visit the country more than once to fit them all in. Because if its dedication to ecotourism, every inch of this small country offers something for the avid traveler… Read the whole “What to do in Costa Rica” article.

You have just been briefed about the canopy tour you are about to experience. Your helmet is on tight and your harness is securely fastened around your waist. You stand at the base of the tree and look up at the rising forest towering above you, and a knot comes into your throat… Go to “Canopy Tours in Costa Rica“.

It does not get any better than Costa Rican adventure travel. Amazing jungles, sun swept beaches and outrageous animal diversity makes Costa Rica one to the best places in the world to find pure adventure. Tourists arrive each year by the millions to get a chance to explore the jungles, view the smoldering volcanoes, swim the pristine beaches and brave the ocean currents. From the moment the plane lands it is possible to be fully loaded with daily adventure and excitement… Learn more about “Costa Rica Adventure Travel“.

Cycling, or mountain biking, in Costa Rica is one of the newer adventure tours being offered. People have been mountain biking for years, but it was only in the last few years that trails have been explored and manicured to offer mountain bikers the chance to ride through this amazing country… The full story: “Cycling Costa Rica“.

Diving in Costa Rica is great. Although not known for coral reefs or walls, but if it is exotic fish that you wish to se, you will be thrilled by what you find under the Costa Rican oceans. The best times to dive are between December and May, and the water temperatures are perfect. There are two favorite sites to dive… Here is “Diving in Costa Rica” text.

Costa Rican fishing is more than good, it is spectacular. With the Caribbean Ocean on the east coast, and the Pacific Ocean on the west coast, there are so many places for anglers to catch that trophy fish they have always dreamed of. You can schedule an afternoon or day trip, but you can also design your whole vacation around fishing. Lets take a look at some of the fishing options available in this beautiful little country… More about “Fishing in Costa Rica“.

Hiking in Costa Rica will bring you in contact with sights and sounds like no other place. The dense jungles are filled with animals, insects and reptiles that remind you of the exquisite diversity created by Mother Nature. With the abundance of tropical terrain to choose from, you want to be sure to get a glimpse of as much as you can. Let us take a look at two places very different from each other… Review “Hiking in Costa Rica” article.

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