Adventure Travel

Costa Rica Adventure Travel

It does not get any better than Costa Rican adventure travel. Amazing jungles, sun swept beaches and outrageous animal diversity makes Costa Rica one to the best places in the world to find pure adventure. Tourists arrive each year by the millions to get a chance to explore the jungles, view the smoldering volcanoes, swim the pristine beaches and brave the ocean currents. From the moment the plane lands it is possible to be fully loaded with daily adventure and excitement.

Costa Rica Ocean Adventure Travel

Take your choice from the abundant ways to get out on the waters of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. If you are a snorkeler, you will be happy to know that world class snorkeling sites are numerous up and down the coast on both sides of the country. If you are a diver, you can head out to Cano Island, rated one of the top ten dive sites in the world. Sailors can rent boats of their own or have someone captain them around the sea for one day or extended trips. Fishermen should hold on to their hats as the charter boats heading out to high quality fishing holes will take their breath away. Surfers come to Costa Rica ready to ride some of the best waves in the world. Up and down both coastlines, there are famous spots for enjoying sun and fun at the waters edge, as you spend your day lounging on a white or even black sandy beach.

Jungle Adventure Travel in Costa Rica

The humid jungles of Costa Rica offer unparalleled beauties. Giant fig trees, with roots spreading out in towering fashion, are perfect for those nature photos you have always wanted to take. Behind every leaf or branch you will find a colorful frog, a wildly strange insect or a sleeping viper. As you walk through the forest paths you will hear the sounds of monkeys in the trees above, or hear them calling each other from kilometers away with their gorilla like calls. The birds in the jungles are dazzling as well. Catching sight of a macaw or a toucan will put a smile on the face of any tourist.

Volcano Adventure Travel in Costa Rica

There are at least six volcanoes that are worth visiting in Costa Rica. Many guiding operators plan tours daily, but you can also rent a car and drive yourself to see them. The most notable and heavily visited volcano is Arenal. It is an active volcano and consistently spews lava for amazing nightly shows, weather permitting. The areas around the volcanoes are rich with agriculture, so make sure to buy some fresh fruit grown in that region. While at Arenal it is imperative to sit for a while in the amazing hot springs. There is a public area and also a world-class spa.

Adventure tours in Costa Rica provide so many possibilities. Flying over treetops, rafting down rivers, reeling in the big catch or trouncing through virgin jungles are definitely something you should look forward to on your next vacation.