Canopy Tours in Costa Rica

Flying High in Canopy Tours

You have just been briefed about the canopy tour you are about to experience. Your helmet is on tight and your harness is securely fastened around your waist. You stand at the base of the tree and look up at the rising forest towering above you, and a knot comes into your throat. Stepping onto the platform, your guide smiles as he hooks your harness to a cable hanging from a long metal line attached to the tree behind you and disappearing into the canopy ahead of you. Your guide is missing part of his finger, so you ask him what happened. He tells you it got stuck in the cable a few years back, but not to worry because everything will be fine. Certainly not a comforting thought. You are not normally afraid of heights, but the thumping of your hear is telling you otherwise now. You lift your feet and the guide gives you a push. Before you know it the ground drops away a couple hundred feet below you. All you can do is yell out … wooooohoooo, this is awesome!

Canopy tours are one of the highlights of Costa Rican adventures. They bring you directly in contact with the jungle. Included in the tour is a walk through virgin forest, where there are signs or a guide to educate you on the flora and fauna you might encounter. Rushing along the zip line you are able to feel the fresh air, and get a sense of the freedom that the animals of the jungle must feel. These tours are offered all over the country, but the most famous one is certainly at the Monte Verde Cloud Forest. The length and height of the lines are unmatched.

If you are lucky enough to be in Costa Rica on vacation, be sure not to miss the amazing canopy tour.