Cycling Costa Rica

Cycling, or mountain biking, in Costa Rica is one of the newer adventure tours being offered. People have been mountain biking for years, but it was only in the last few years that trails have been explored and manicured to offer mountain bikers the chance to ride through this amazing country. Tour operators are ready to provide you with the purist cycling experience possible. You may wish to take short rides through flatter terrain, having a fun outing in the morning or afternoon. You may also wish to take a little tougher ride, spending the whole day in the bike saddle. It is also possible to take several days to ride through larger parts of the country, staying in tents at night, or rejuvenating at a comfortable hotel. No matter what your level of experience or love of cycling, you can pick and choose the mountain biking experience that suits you best.

There are a couple of area that have a reputation I the cycling community. One of these is Turrialba, where you can ride the rolling hills through drier weather, with the possibility to end up at the highest peak of Mount Chirripo.
Another favorite adventure is the Arenal Volcano and Lake ride. The lake is massive and offer advanced to beginner riding. Reaching the base of the flowing Arenal volcano will challenge even the best of riders, but the dip in the hot springs will release any muscle tension you may have accumulated along the ride. Some of you may want to ride through several volcanoes, and there are tours that give you a multi-day experience to do just that. Beach riding is another way to see the spectacular coast, and Guanacaste riding adventures have some of the best beaches you will ever ride to.

Cycling in Costa Rica is absolutely awesome. It is adventure at its best.