Diving in Costa Rica

Diving the Costa Rican Oceans

Diving in Costa Rica is great. Although not known for coral reefs or walls, but if it is exotic fish that you wish to see, you will be thrilled by what you find under the Costa Rican oceans. The best times to dive are between December and May, and the water temperatures are perfect. There are two favorite sites to dive.

Diving Cano Island

Cano Island is just off the coast of the southwest national park of Corcovado. It is blessed with great visibility and a handful of quality dive sites. Regular large schools of fish can been seen, sometimes blocking out the sun above divers. Currents can be strong, but useful for good drift diving. White tip sharks and rays are common visitors, but it is the occasional whale shark the most divers hope to see. Dolphins will sometimes greet you on the boat ride out, putting a smile on your face.

Cocos Island Diving

The Cocos Island is considered one of the best dives in the world. It is located more than 500km from the mainland, but has been classified as a marine reserve. Getting there requires advanced planning, as diving trips to Cocos are multiday excursions. Ten days is the considered time at Cocos, and is recommended for advanced divers only. The waters are teaming with the most amazing fish and corals. The greatest attractions though, are the hammerhead shark schools. They come by the hundreds to Cocos, joined by white-tips, tiger sharks, manta rays and the huge whale shark.

The availability of dive sites in Costa Rica is few, but the quality of diving experience is worth making the trip. If you consider yourself a true fan of dicing, make sure to get to Cocos, and you can brag that you have been to one of the best diving spots in the world.