Hiking in Costa Rica

Amazing Hiking in Costa Rica

Hiking in Costa Rica will bring you in contact with sights and sounds like no other place. The dense jungles are filled with animals, insects and reptiles that remind you of the exquisite diversity created by Mother Nature. With the abundance of tropical terrain to choose from, you want to be sure to get a glimpse of as much as you can. Let us take a look at two places very different from each other.

Mount Chirripo is the highest point in the country, rising to 3820 meters above sea level. It is a vastly different landscape than anywhere else in the country, and one should definitely have a jacket ready for the wet and cold temperatures. It can be reached by car or bus, and is a couple hours away from the capital city of San Jose. You will not see a great deal of wildlife on this trip, but when the clouds pass by and the clear sky opens, you are met with a staggering view of the eastern and western sides of this small country. Chirripo leaves you feeling like you are on top of the Costa Rican world looking out at all its beauty.

A couple hours down the mountain to the south western coast is Corcovado Park. There you will defrost from the Chirripo cold, and strip down to your t-shirt to combat the humidity. Hiking this region is a nature lovers dream. Howler monkeys and white-faced monkeys are regularly seen. Toucans, macaws and parrots fly overhead, exhibiting their colorful plumage. Friendly and not so friendly snakes hang from the trees and hide under stumps. Frogs chirp their songs as you walk by, and if you are on the lookout, you may spot a poison dart frog.

Have a good idea of the experience you are looking for, and you will be guaranteed to find it. Costa Rica is unparalleled when it comes to hiking; you only have to know where to look.