Horseback Riding in Costa Rica

Horseback Riding

Riding horses in Costa Rica is one of the most tranquil ways to experience the magnificent beauty it offers. Every town located adjacent to a touristic site will have at least one horse tour operator offering a mixture of riding excursions. Here are a few examples of tours you should be on the lookout for.

Waterfall tours

Such tours offer the chance to see breathtaking landscapes. Some tours offer more than one waterfall, depending on the location and season. The slower season in June and July is a good time for waterfall tours because rain comes daily, but is evenly balanced by sun. Riding a horse in a light drizzle and ending up at a massive fall of water on the side of a mountain is quite fulfilling.

Jungle tours on horseback

Tours on horses in Jungles give you the chance to cover longer distances without getting tired in your legs. As the horse is doing the walking, you are free to look into the trees for sloths, monkeys, snakes and birds. These tours often take you by a small swimming hole secretively protected by the solace of the jungle. You can refresh yourself in the pool before riding to the end of your tour.

Beach riding

This is another popular past time for travelers. Costa Rica has many long beaches, swept by consistent ocean breezes. Riding your horse in the sand with the wind in your hair is like being in a movie. You may even wish to take the horse into the waves and splash around a bit. If you have a fun guide, and adequate horse experience, you may ask to run the horse at full gallop through the sand, since it is the perfect wide open space for such excitement. Sunset on the back of a horse is thrilling for everyone, but holds a special significance for the romantics out there.

No matter your situation or experience, horseback riding in Costa Rica should never be missed.