Web site development progress: What to do in Costa Rica (Part 2)

We have completed the part related to activities you can perform being in Costa Rica. Here are some new texts.

Riding horses in Costa Rica is one of the most tranquil ways to experience the magnificent beauty it offers. Every town located adjacent to a touristic site will have at least one horse tour operator offering a mixture of riding excursions. Here are a few examples of tours you should be on the lookout for… More about “Horseback Riding in Costa Rica“.

One of the most exciting and exhilarating ways to experience the natural wonders of Costa Rica is on the back of a quad motorcycle. Imagine having a powerful beast of a machine underneath you ready to drive you through muddy waterholes, raging rivers, up steep hillsides and through raw jungles… Read the full article: “Quadrocycling In Costa Rica“.

As you drive through Costa Rica you will notice the abundance of rivers. One after another, they flow strongly out of the mountains, weaving and winding through jungles, coffee fields, palm groves, banana plantations and towns, before dumping their bubbling waters into the Pacific and Caribbean oceans. At various locations along the river you will find an excited group of tourist either just getting into or just exiting the waters. They have all decided to brave the white water rapids in a captivating Costa Rican rafting adventure… All about “Rafting in Costa Rica“.

Learning Spanish should be a fun experience, and Spanish language schools in Costa Rica make sure you will enjoy the process. Thousands of people come to learn Spanish in Costa Rica each year. Exchange students in their teens come from the US, Canada, and even Europe. Adult students are no different. They come to learn something they thought would be tough, but learn that Spanish language schools in Costa Rica will take care of them throughout the whole ordeal… Want to study Spanish? Check this: “Spanish Language Schools in Costa Rica“.

Costa Rica is famous amongst surfers. All it takes is half an hour at the airport, watching the surfboards coming off the luggage carousel, to realize how many tourist come to the small country just for the waves. In fact, the first surfer culture movie ‘Endless Summer’ filmed in the 1960’s showed Costa Rican waves rolling beautifully across the screen. It has been a surfing destination ever since. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you are bound to find a wave that fits you… Love surfing? Read this: “Surfing in Costa Rica“.

Make you destination wedding in Costa Rica a trip that will be remembered by everyone. The beauties of this amazing country are perfect to fill all of your senses, and the setting is like something from a tropical fairytale. Why waste your time at a church or garden in you own hometown, when you can choose to have your wedding in the same place you will spend your honeymoon? Having your fiends fly out to experience your wedding in Costa Rica is like inviting them on vacation with you. They will love you for making them come to such an amazing place… How to make your weddings in Costa Rica.

If you want to memorable and exciting honeymoon, you might want to plan it in Costa Rica. Love and romance are two of the strongest qualities exhibited by the Costa Rican people, and they have constructed lodges, spa and vacation packages just to accommodate the nuptials headed looking for the fullest experience to celebrate their new marital bond.. About having honeymoon in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is absolutely spectacular when it comes to wildlife watching. Not only do the have one of the highest diversity of species in the world, these animals, lizards and plants are accessible to view and enjoy. A well planned trip to Costa Rica will assure you of seeing some of the most amazing sites you will ever witness… Learn more on “Wildlife Watching” page.

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