What to do in Costa Rica

What to do in Costa Rica

Maybe you are wondering what to do in Costa Rica on your vacation. Lucky for you there are so many options that might have to visit the country more than once to fit them all in. Because if its dedication to ecotourism, every inch of this small country offers something for the avid traveler.

Adventure is in no short supply in Costa Rica. It doesn’t matter where you go, you are certain to find many ways to get your hands dirty, your adrenaline pumping and your heart rate elevated. Some of the more popular adventure tours include canopy tours, horseback riding, fishing, diving, snorkeling, hiking, camping, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, sailing, surfing, quadro-cycle riding and mountain biking.

If nature is what you are after, then hiking and rafting through the jungle are awesome experiences in Costa Rica. With the many different landscapes available, you can choose to see heavily jungled terrain or hike the highest peak at 3820 meters. Rivers are numerous and are fuller at the end of the rainy season, so get to Costa Rica in December for the best rafting opportunities.

The ocean offers diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing and surfing. Surf spots are found on each coast, with a few specific spot having become well known for regular high quality waves. Diving is best at Cano Island and near Corcovado Park. Snorkeling is good in many locations, depending on the season. Fishing is excellent on the Pacific and Caribbean sides. Kayaking is best along the shoreline or inside the mangroves.

Inland you will find tour operators offering quad motorcycling through the mountains. Mountain biking tours are available in specific spots, and horses can be found almost anywhere in Costa Rica. Rock climbing is new to the country, but some real climbing enthusiasts have notched out routes around the country that will make your hair stand on end. Canopy tours are world class in Costa Rica, with the most notable one being at the cloud forest in Monte Verde. If you cannot make it there, you will still find a great canopy tour near where you are staying.

Wellness and spa are another dominant industry in Costa Rica and very affordable. Get a massage or body wrap, or find one of the many hot springs pools available to sit and relax in. Honeymooners will find spa packages at almost every hotel or town in the country.

Costa Rica also boasts several world-class golf courses. If you are a golfing fan, playing in the jungle or along the beach is a great way to spend your day. Watch out though, lost balls may be resting under a snake or crocodile.

Other notable tours would be historical museums, cultural centers, volcano visits and casino gambling. One of the best, and often overlooked things to do in Costa Rica is nothing. Sitting on a beach or in a hammock doing nothing can be one of the best parts of your entire trip. Make sure to make time for this, as you will be able to let all the sights and sounds of our adventures soak in for a lasting impression.