Rafting the Costa Rica

Rafting the Costa Rican White Waters

As you drive through Costa Rica you will notice the abundance of rivers. One after another, they flow strongly out of the mountains, weaving and winding through jungles, coffee fields, palm groves, banana plantations and towns, before dumping their bubbling waters into the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. At various locations along the river you will find an excited group of tourist either just getting into or just exiting the waters. They have all decided to brave the white water rapids in a captivating Costa Rican rafting adventure.

Rafting Perfection

Tropical rains and clear mountain springs feed the raging rivers of Costa Rica, which are accessible to rafting guides throughout most of the year. Touring companies providing rafting experiences are countless, and can be found on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Tour guides come to beautiful Costa Rica season after season to share in the excellent rafting rivers and the abundance of nature they find in the small country. Your guide may be South African, American, Argentinean or Costa Rican. They are all well trained, and go out of their way to give you the best rafting experience they can.

Rafting Options

Rafting is done in a number of different vehicles. There is the large raft that holds around eight people. The guide sits in the rear and directs the boat as the others paddle. There is a smaller raft that can accommodate two rafters and a guide, and then there is the extreme one-man tube raft for the solo adventurer offered at specific sites. All of these rafts are exciting and fun, but it is up to you to decide how you want to go down the river. No matter which raft you decide to use, you are guaranteed to get wet. That is one of the best parts of your Costa Rican rafting adventure.