Weddings in Costa Rica

Weddings in Costa Rica

Make your destination wedding in Costa Rica a trip that will be remembered by everyone. The beauties of this amazing country are perfect to fill all of your senses, and the setting is like something from a tropical fairytale. Why waste your time at a church or garden in your own hometown, when you can choose to have your wedding in the same place you will spend your honeymoon? Having your friends fly out to experience your wedding in Costa Rica is like inviting them on vacation with you. They will love you for making them come to such an amazing place.

Well Organized Wedding in Costa Rica

There are many companies ready to help you plan your wedding. They will handle the orders, from your cake to your menu, and even the right spot on the beach for the ceremony. They will work with you to make sure that your budget is met and that all your dates and timings are kept on track. Flower arrangements in Costa Rica come fresh from the local gardens, and a responsible wedding planner will make sure that everyone involved in the planning, supply and operations is working in the most professional manner.

Options for Weddings in Costa Rica

Many nuptial will want to have the most extravagant wedding possible. There are hotels and lodges in San Jose that offer opulence, and there are many more on the beach resorts that can facilitate the perfect high-class wedding.
For the conscious budget or eco-minded couple, green wedding at eco-lodges can be arranged. These are no less wonderful, but use material and ethical practices that stay true to the eco-tourisms aspects of the country.

No matter what your budget or vision, you can find the dream wedding you have always wanted in Costa Rica.