San Jose – Costa Rica Capital

What are the Main Attractions of the Costa Rica Capital?

San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica, is a dramatic metropolis, with its ultramodern high rise buildings standing amid the jagged outlines of jungle-cloaked mountains which surround the Central Valley. Close to half the population of Costa Rica dwells in San Jose, whose thoroughfares bustle with much of the country’s business as well as swarms of visiting foreigners.

Photographer - Trey Ratcliff

Although this teeming metropolis might seem a poor place for ecotourism, the nation of Costa Rica is so small – and so thoroughly packed with plant and animal life – that there are many natural wonders that can be reached by a short drive from the city. Orienting yourself on your first visit to Costa Rica can be done in comfort in San Jose, while making use of the many high quality tours that transport visitors into the countryside for hiking, bungee jumping, and a sheaf of other activities.

Photographer - Ben Beiske

San Jose is also a good place to find out more information about expeditions further afield, and the hotels, resorts, and retreats found throughout the country. The Costa Rica capital is worth exploring as well, and even contains a few surprises for the most dedicated ecotourist.

What Possibilities Exist within the Costa Rica Capital Itself?

Nature, it is said, can be driven forth with a pitchfork, yet always returns. Even in the midst of the towering buildings, streaming traffic, and modern bustle of San Jose, you can find islands of natural tranquility if you know where to look. These refuges from the concrete wilderness that occupies much of the Central Valley are a piquant foretaste of the ecological “feast” that is laid out before you once you have left the city’s environs.

Photographer - Alquiler de Coches

The Spirogyra Butterfly Garden, located in the central, downtown district of the city, is an excellent example of this. The garden is home to some of the lush tropical foliage that the region sustains, as well as hundreds of butterflies representing several dozen different species. Brilliant and superb tropical butterflies, including the famous morpho species, frequent the lush equatorial blossoms here, making this a refreshing fragment of nature to visit even in the midst of San Jose.

Photographer - Ben Beiske

Seeking out San Jose’s parks and gardens is a good way for the more casual visitor to Costa Rica (or one who has only a little time to spare for sightseeing from business) to sample the natural world of this remarkable nation without venturing far from their hotel.

Photographer - Arturo Sotillo

What is Nightlife Like in the Costa Rica Capital?

For those who do not mind mixing some contemporary glitz with their forays into the vibrant tranquility of the jungle, San Jose also has a lively nightlife scene. Clubs and discotheques, as well as many fine restaurants serving interesting local cuisine, beckon through the warm, sparkling tropical nights. In a city this large, a place catering to any taste can be found with ease. The urban adventures of the Costa Rica capital, with mountains and jungle only a short distance away, can form part of an ecotour as well, or serve as the main focus of your trip.