Costa Rica Eco Lodge

Costa Rica Ecolodge

It’s important to remember to respect our environment. Vacations and holidays are meant to be fun, but in no way mean we should take for granted the places we visit. Next time you travel, make a responsible choice and stay in an ecolodge. Luckily, Costa Rica offers ecotourism at its finest. Choosing to visit Costa Rica and staying in an eco hotel or ecolodge will ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Why Choose and Ecolodge?

You work hard for your money, and when it comes time to spend it on a holiday, you want to know it is not being wasted. A smart traveler is one that makes sure the money being spent will go toward adding to the environment and not taking away from it. Eco lodges are built with you in mind. They offer pristine environments, rich in culture and experience, in a way that doesn’t harm the local community of people, animals or plants.

Benefits of Staying at an Eco Lodge

With natural resources diminishing all over the globe, ecolodges specialize in operating with minimum impact on the environment. They devise rainwater storage, grey water recycling, solar and wind power options. They strive to use mostly natural products in the construction of their buildings, and normally build using architecture that blends with the natural atmosphere and not some eyesore that clashes with nature.

How an Ecolodge Helps the Community

Most eco lodges are normally linked to the local community and offer jobs in places that would otherwise not have them. They almost always sell arts and crafts from the local artisans. You’ll find that ecolodges often align with a cause, like animal or forest rehabilitation. This helps to improve their community and gives back to the environment.

Choosing an Ecolodge Makes You a Responsible Traveler

It’s easy to choose an all-inclusive trip, and stay at a five star hotel built from concrete and glass. These places often exploit the local community solely for the purpose of profit. An eco lodge has principles and ethics, and when you stay there you are agreeing with these ideals. You are saying ‘I choose to be conscious of my surroundings’.

Costa Rica is Proud of its Eco Lodges

Costa Ricans, or Ticos as they like to be called, have a long heritage of living close to their environment. The revel in the fact that 25% of their country is allocated to nature reserves and national parks. Because they love their country and nature, they want to show it off. They welcome tourists, open armed and warm hearted. For them, an eco lodge promotes the truest essence of Costa Rica… ‘Pura Vida’.