Travel to Costa Rica

Travel to Costa Rica by Regions

Costa Rica is so filled with exciting possibilities for ecotourism and enjoyment that it is difficult to know where to begin your adventures there the first time you travel to this Central American country. One of the easier methods is to decide based on whether you want to start by seeing the Costa Rican capital, San Jose, visit one of the smaller cities, or strike out into the countryside.

San Jose is the capital and largest city of Costa Rica, and includes a significant proportion of the country’s population in its urban area or the immediately surrounding zone. It stands in the nation’s Central Valley, and is a quite sophisticated locale with shopping, nightlife, and entertainment. However, there are number of natural attractions nearby that you can enjoy as well, including some gardens within the city itself. Click to read more about San Jose.

Other cities are dotted throughout the Costa Rican land area, each with their own distinctive attractions. Most of these cities are located close to several different national parks and natural features, since Costa Rica’s area is very limited and the land is packed solid with vibrant life. From the coastal pleasures of the Puerto Limon area to the butterfly-filled cloud forest near Alajuela, by clicking this linkl you can find more details on travel to Costa Rica’s cities.

There are plenty of places to stay and things to see outside the urban areas as well, and one of the easiest ways to divide the nation into areas to choose from when you are planning travel to Costa Rica is to consider it in terms of its administrative regions, which follow various natural and geographical boundaries quite closely. There are seven regions in Costa Rica, which encompass a diverse selection of terrain and ecosystems, and which are described on the page “Costa Rica Provinces“.

Deciding Where to Go By Specialized Trip

As an alternative to choosing the region you want to visit first and fitting your plans into the attractions that are available there, you can also put together a good plan for travel to Costa Rica by choosing one of the more unique ways of seeing the country and selecting where to go on that basis.

For example, yoga retreats in the Costa Rican jungle or along the seacoast have become a common feature of the country’s ecotourism, and you can find many excellent opportunities to appreciate nature, help save the environment, and cultivate inner peace at the same time. You can read about the yoga retreats and resorts that dot the Costa Rican landscape.

Many companies now organize specialized ecotours that showcase certain habitats or series of natural wonders for ecotourists visiting the country. Eco hotels and eco lodges often combine several kinds of tourism, or offer a unique atmosphere and interesting cuisine in addition to forays into the thick forests with their panoply of flowers, tropical butterflies gliding through sunbeams, chattering, curious monkeys, and wealth of reptile and amphibian life (Costa Rica Flora and Costa Rica Fauna).