Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Honeymoon in Costa Rica

If you want to memorable and exciting honeymoon, you might want to plan it in Costa Rica. Love and romance are two of the strongest qualities exhibited by the Costa Rican people, and they have constructed lodges, spa and vacation packages just to accommodate the nuptials headed looking for the fullest experience to celebrate their new marital bond.

Nature Honeymoon in Costa Rica

If you are looking for a quiet place to hide away from the rest of the world while you and your partner are deepening the bonds of your relationship, you will find the perfect answer in Costa Rica. Imagine waking up and looking out of the double glass doors of you room, seeing vibrant colorful flowers blooming just meters away. The sounds of the waves crashing on the beach are like calls to get up and get out to see what the day has planned for you. Breakfast on the terrace is perfect, especially with a large bowl of fresh tropical fruits and juices made just moments before. If you are more of an exploratory couple, you can choose to kayak through the mangroves together in a kayak made for two. Maybe you would rather jump in a two-person raft and paddle your way down a river together. If it is relaxation you prefer, then a sunset horseback ride along the beach is just the ticket.

Beach Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Beaches and lovers go hand in hand. With all the exquisite beaches to choose from, you will be able to stay in one place or even travel to several spots and enjoy beach life together as a happy couple. There are always locals on the beach ready to set up two lounge chairs under a shaded umbrella. They will also bring you juices or cocktails if you so desire. If you want to get out on the water, a sunset sailing trip will surely create the romantic mood for the evening.

Honeymoon Spas in Costa Rica

Extravagance is found all throughout Costa Rica, and honeymooners are catered to in every possible way. Try a couple’s massage in your room or at the spa. Feel the relaxing therapeutics washing away any stress you may have brought with you. The two of you will curl up in a hot tub and watch the trees blowing in the late day breeze.

Dance and Dinner on Your Honeymoon in Costa Rica

After the long day of relaxing or adventure, you will want to get you hands on some local cuisine. Candlelight will flicker between you and your lover as you enjoy the succulent seafood fresh from the ocean. World class chefs have flocked to Costa Rica to make sure you have the best dining choices available. The rest of the night can be spent at a quiet bar, where local musicians play their tunes, or at a discotheque moving you bodies together with the rest of the dance fanatics around you.

Your marriage has been a wonderful union and experience. It is a wise choice to choose to continue that loving feeling on your honeymoon in Costa Rica.